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Peg's Salt, 1 pound pouch {from the pantry, limited time}

Peg's Salt, 1 pound pouch {from the pantry, limited time}

A full pound of the original Peg's Salt in a resealable bag. Refill your old jars or salt keeper so that a liberal dash of flavor is always close by.

Peg's Salt makes home cooking easy and delicious. You can use it to season meat, seafood, vegetables, pasta, potatoes, soups, eggs, salads, and it naturally enhances the flavor. You won't believe the difference a pinch of Peg's makes!

Based on Cass's mother's recipe, this savory blend of kosher flake salt and more than 20 spices lends just the right taste--as a single seasoning or in place of plain salt in recipes. Because of its unique versatility, Peg's Salt has become a kitchen staple for thousands of families, saving time and money while improving everyday meals.

Peg's Salt is a great gift for sophisticated foodies, novice chefs, or busy cooks who appreciate easy and delicious meals. Contains no sugar, fillers, MSG, gluten, or GMOs.

What is in Peg's Salt?
The original Peg's Salt uses U.S. kosher salt, the kind preferred by most restaurant chefs because of its irregular grains and gentle flavor. 

Nearly 20 common spices go into a jar of Peg's Salt –- garlic, pepper, parsley, thyme, rosemary, paprika, etc. 

Regarding ingredients, allergies, and dietary concerns
Peg's Salt does not contain gluten, sugar, GMOs, or MSG. Peg's Salt is not processed in a kosher facility. It is hand-mixed in a separate kitchen where no nuts, wheat, or soy products are used or stored. However, it is not certified as free of any particular ingredient.

Regarding particular sensitivities: Peg's Salt does not contain cilantro. It does have red and black pepper, which comprise the nightshade family. 

The original version of Peg's Salt uses kosher flake salt, widely used by chefs in restaurants. Because it is packaged in large quantities, it contains an anti-caking agent called yellow prussiate of soda to keep the salt from clumping. YSP meets standards set by Whole Foods Market and the European Union as a food-safe additive.