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Our Story

Our story begins in, an old B&B in Virginia. Entrepreneurs Hope and David were ready to dedicate their days to running the business of their dreams and savoring the simple things.

With the dream that they could have some small impact on more people’s lives, they soon realized baking was the perfect medium, and began infusing their recipes with the highest quality ingredients, like big flake coconut, real maple syrup, crunchy sliced almonds and pumpkin seeds. After all, what better way inspire and uplift others than with an everyday treat like tasty granola?

They sold their first bag of granola at the Charlottesville City Market in October 2012 and a few months later, found their products on the shelves at Whole Foods. Within a year, Hudson Henry Granola was featured on The Today Show.

Soon, the emails started pouring in and never stopped. From Atlanta, Pennsylvania, California and beyond. Customers could not get enough of get enough of the granola – and, the positive messages that came along with it.

Today we are a thriving company in Appleton, Wisconsin. We hope our granola brings a little more joy to your day and inspires you to carry that joy to others. We hope you love it by the spoonful – or by the handful (no judgment here). And we hope you enjoy sharing it over the kitchen table or gifting it to your loved ones.



Our Mission

At Hudson Henry Baking Co., we believe in a world where positivity and kindness are delivered on a daily basis. Where everyone feels welcome to dream big and create change. Where individuals delight their loved ones – and themselves! – with unexpected gifts. Where oats, nuts and seeds are mixed, baked and packaged with care.

We strive to help create this world every day by blending inspiration into everyday moments, focusing on people before all else, and always taking a moment to share a handful of light, delicious granola.